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I mentioned a few weeks ago about a pesky bill collector that wanted to keep charging me more money on a debt I'd already paid off. Over the weekend I was served a Summons. I'm being sued. Interestingly enough, it's for the full amount; I have receipts from paying them. Maybe they're just being annoying?

I knew I had to say something in my defense, but like most people I know little about legal recourse and I'm not financially equipped to have a personal lawyer on retainer. Fortunately someone I know through the charity work I do happens to be a lawyer, and was willing to help me out free of charge.

He sat and listened to what happened, gave me a few pointers, and by the end of the talk I was almost ready to counter-sue! It was wonderful to have his assistance. Now when I respond I feel confident that I will either be awarded a Satisfactory judgement or that their lawyer will want to settle. If not, I feel I gave it my best effort, and that I was lucky to have someone willing to help someone else.

People ask me "What does it mean to be a Capuchin? How are they different from a monk?" Little things like this, doing small things in your life to help make someone's life a little better, that is what Capuchin life is about. It's the ability to see someone in need of help and recognize that God's will is that we help each other. I'm not sure he's even Catholic, but the fact that he wanted to help me in my time of need, as simple a thing it was for him, means something huge to me.

Keep that idea in mind during the rest of this Lenten season. While acts of kindness may be small and you may feel you're not doing enough, remember that the gifts you offer are better judged by those in need. You'd be surprised how the littlest things mean the most to those in need.

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