Now I Know How a Parish Priest Feels

I was recently in Milwaukee at the reception of our new Postulants. Events like these bring many of the friars together. One of the older friars came up to me and said: "You write great stuff. But sometimes you go a little long."

"You sound like a parishioner after Mass!" I told him jokingly, and we had a good laugh.

it's good to know that friars from my Order keep tabs on me, even if they have some helpful criticisms along the way.

Shock and Awe: Wearing the Habit to School

I made the decision to wear my habit to class at St. Xavier University today. It's only 10AM, but so the impact has had as much to do with the others as it has with me.

New School for an Old Car Salesman

It was 1995 when I last stepped into a classroom, expecting to receive a grade. For the past few months I've been excited for this chance to learn at a higher institution. Now that I'm here, with all the reservations and complications that I bring with me, I find that it is something still new; the first day of school notwithstanding.

School Dis-Orientation (August 9)

Last night I went to Transfer Orientation with two other post-novices at my school: St. Xavier University. It's a required seminar that each student must take before joining. But instead of being oriented with the school I realized the disturbing reality of returning to school as a 35 year old.

Chi-Town is My Town!

Even though I've been in the city for a few weeks, yesterday was our first real "introduction" to the city of Chicago. It's important to know the history of where you live as well as the history of the people who live there. As a way to get us started, we a trip downtown on a beautiful day.

Saying Yes (From August 17, 2010)

"Do you know what you're getting yourself into?" a little voice in the back of my head asked.

"I mean do you really know what you're about to do? What you are giving up?"

I don't think it was the voice of the Enemy or some malignant Force trying to steal my vocation at the last minute. Rather that little voice that spoke came from me. It's a voice that people who've made commitments are probably familiar with: a voice that - after all the planning, excitement, invitations, preparation, and prayer - drives home the greatest question of the day: Am I doing the right thing?

Since Taking the Vows...

I know it's bad form for a blogger to take a month-long hiatus from his/her craft, but taking vows to the Order of Capuchin Franciscans has been a pretty big deal.

Numerous guests came to visit, I was able to attend several different functions for the province, I was struck with tonsilitis and a middle-ear infection, I've started my preparation for school at Saint Xavier University, and this week starts different orientations regarding life as a post-novice as well as being orientated to this year's ministry at Saint Lawrence High School in Mt. Calvary, WI.