...and So the Storm Begins

We've heard about it on the news since Sunday. It's been on every radio station from Milwaukee to Chicago all of Monday. Friars stopped by our friary and told us of how it had already started in the outlying areas such as Benton Harbor, MI. Meetings and schools were already being closed before a single snowflake fell.

But at 9PM, the impending snowstorm finally arrived. I could hear the wind howling outside my room as I tried to get it clean before the carpet cleaners get here tomorrow.

This picture is of Damen and Archer Ave. at around 9 PM. The were already getting snowy but the roads were still drivable. It's 11 PM and the snow's still coming.

Will the storm be as bad as everyone's predicted? Will I be snowed in and not go to school tomorrow? Will my room stay clean after the people come and clean the carpets?

I'll have more pictures for tomorrow.

Update from School

The first few weeks of the spring semester are under way, and I'm already realizing that my courses aren't as intense as the previous semester. I don't know if I've just gotten accustomed to the whole "college life" again or if the content of my classes is different, but I do notice a difference in the semesters. Only a few weeks in I'm confident I'll be able to do well this semester as well.

Here's a quick breakdown of my classes:

The Pain of Facing Oneself

I've had to deal with a lot of pain this week, but nothing hurts like watching oneself after being videotaped.
As part of my Communications class this semester, we had to give a quick introduction of ourselves. The class, entitled Perspectives on Human Communication is not solely about standing up and giving delivery, however no communication class would be complete without the ability to stand up and talk in front of an audience. The painful part is having to watch my delivery and then compose a brief summary of how I did, and where I can improve.