The Final 3000

I have less than $3000 left to pay in total debt, with a little more than 4 months to go until the start of Postulancy. While the Order has already told me they would help with some of the medical bills, I'm still doing everything I can to be paid off before entering.

As I look back through some of my earlier blogs about my debt, I find it interesting how the actual amount keeps fluctuating. Last year at this time, my total debt $6500. Yet I've spend almost $8000 on nothing but bills and past debt. Now, I've found every little bill and debt, and I merely need to pay off the rest to be done and ready to go.

One of those bills I mentioned before; I have an old ambulance bill that no one wanted to collect on. I did everything I could to contact the creditor, yet I couldn't call, email, or fax. In a last ditch effort, I wrote up a business letter. The order said they felt I did everything proper to try and find the creditor, but if I could not get it paid, that would be fine.

This weekend, I got a letter back. I'd found the creditor, and they said they were "more than happy to set up payment arrangements with me."

$3000 seems like so little money, especially now that I'm selling cars once again. I only work until Wednesday this week; Thursday I leave for Wisconsin for the Triduum Retreat Weekend with the Capuchins. Even with the short work week, I'm estimating I'll make $850. I have a dentist's appointment before I leave for Wisconsin (cost: $200) and I have rent coming up as well ($250).

Perhaps it's part of the plan that my life has gone "there and back again." This time around, I'm interested in money only to the extent of paying off my personal debts before entering the Postulancy. I feel more at ease with customers, I'm less stressed, and even though this is a temporary job, I feel that I am doing the best I can for Bossman and his business.

137 days, and $3000 to go!

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2 Response to The Final 3000

March 19, 2008 at 10:16 AM

I am excited for your upcoming postulancy. Congratulations.
I hope you find the peace of the vocation God has for you.

March 19, 2008 at 5:45 PM

Dear (sorry, I don't know what your name is - or what to call you for that matter)
I'm not sure how I got here. If you believe in Divine Intervention, perhaps that's how.
I'm a Catholic. I'm a Canadian and a poet/writer.
You may not agree with all my attitudes and ideas, but you may perhaps enjoy my blog, Catholic Me, I am blessed (over at wordpress).
I have a dark side and a weird sense of humour, but I am a conservative Catholic - raised by a Belfast Irishman and Eastern Seaboard lady. My husband is a convert and knows a little bit about discernment. I was born to this, but have found that I wouldn't want to be anything else. Come round and check me out.
I am linking to you.