Bitter Sweet

The day after Easter, I find myself back in the saddle after spending the entire Triduum weekend in Burlington, Wisconsin with the Capuchin Noviciates. I'd expound on the weekend more, however I'm waiting for pictures to share the experience with everyone. There was singing, prayer, soccer, snowball fights, faith sharing, and most of all fraternity. I'll give a detailed account as soon as possible.

A funny thing happened this morning: I realized I didn't miss my life in the "real world." While it was good to be back amongst people, I realized that when I go home tonight, there would be no brothers to share my day with, no one to tease as we make dinner, no one to share evening prayer with.

I realized I would miss my brothers. Perhaps I didn't need to wait to become a Capuchin. In my heart, I already belonged. It is 146 days until Postulancy begins (I realized that August 1st wasn't the start date, rather August 17th) and I can't wait to live with community once again.

Tonight, if there's enough time after work, I plan on buying a book of the Divine Office so I can pray the Liturgy of the Hours every morning and evening. While I may not be chanting canticles with anyone else, I'll know that my brothers are doing so.

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