The Trenta and Some other Food Abominations

Most people have already heard that on May 3, Starbucks will offer a Trenta size 31 ounce cup for coffee. The human stomach only holds 900mL; the Trenta will max it out at 917mL. But what you probably didn't know is that there are other horrible things for your body, too.

While searching through for a homework assignment, I stumbled on to an article: 5 Ridiculous Fast Food Creations That Should Never Have Been Invented.

I don't eat the healthiest...any of my brothers can tell you that. But looking at some of these food choices makes me wonder if we hate our bodies so much that we're willing to buy into some of these outrageous food choices.

Maybe I'll just eat a banana for lunch.

Enjoy the article! article

Understanding the Confession App for the iPhone

As people continue to explore the sacred nature of technology, a recent iPhone app has made a lot of buzz in the news. The Confession App released last week claims to be the "perfect aid to every penitent." What is the Confession app exactly, and how can it benefit Catholics?

We'll take a look at exactly what the Confession app is...and more importantly what it isn't.

Blizzard 2011

Around noon today, we were informed that the university would be closed until Thursday. 3PM was the expected time for the storm to hit, dropping an expected 24+ inches of snow on the city. Since then, I've steadily watched the snow build outside our friary window.