Back In The Saddle

I know my returning to the car business is probably not the prime example of discernment in action, however life has its own twists and turns, and rather than try to understand everything that's happening, I've accepted that things are in motion, and God's Will shall lead me wherever I am bound. For now, I will re-educate myself with the tricks of my trade.

Walking back into the office this morning felt no different than it did 5 months ago. I stopped by Speedway for breakfast and a drink; it was the first real urge I had to buy a Monster Energy Drink since giving it up for Lent. I walked into the office and frantically tried to pick up the pieces from where the other sales guy had left off. There were new finance companies, new inventory, customers already waiting to come in and purchase a vehicle. I was finishing deals I'd not even known existed.

I called all my car sales buddies. Yes, I was back in the business. No, I hadn't given up on the "priest thing." I'm only planning to help Bossman for a few months, and then I'll continue on my path.

I had to call and cancel some other arrangements I'd made. When you have all the time in the world, you can promise your time to everyone. When you have a full-time job once again, it makes it hard to do simple tasks during the daytime.

By the time 7PM rolled around, I wished I had more time to finish up some projects. Just like 4 months ago, I was swamped with work, I was busily handling customers, inventory, outside sales reps, cold calls, and trying not to screw anything up.

In a brief moment of irony, as I stood outside the door to the car lot and looked at "my" lot of cars, I realized I'd made more money today than I made all last week, and I felt like I did 1/10th of the work. They say when you are doing a job you love, you never notice the time go by.

It's good to be home...if only for a little while.

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