Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Car sales is the closest thing to the mob. Everytime you think you're out, they pull you back in. Everyone knows everyone else, you're always watching out to make sure no one's cheating you, there's always plenty of drama, and the money...oh the money.

One of the first things I learned in training so many years ago was that a car salesman never had to look for a job very long. If you're a good salesman, there's over 1 million dealerships in this country to choose from. Sales is a trade skill, and as such that skill is highly marketable and always in demand. A good salesman can improve company profits, create new business relationships, expand present areas of service, and build a loyal customer base ensuring years of continued profits.

In a way, I'm not surprised when I got a call by Bossman at the old dealership, asking me to come work for him again for a few more months. Apparently his last salesman left him high and dry, and the past few days he's had no one there to talk to customers or process transactions.

I stopped by the dealership yesterday to talk to them about a few things. "My postulancy is the most important thing," I told them, "but I can help out up until the end of July." There are a few dates I asked for time off in advance, just because I'd already made prior plans. He said that was no problem. "When can you start?" he asked me. "You're old office is ready and waiting!"

I told him I'd already made plans for Saturday, but that Monday morning I'd be there bright and early. Spring is an excellent time to sell cars. People are getting their taxes back, as the weather warms up people look for the the sportier vehicles, and especially for this car lot, as the price of gas keeps shooting up the demand for more fuel-economic vehicles goes up as well.

Overall, I feel I'm helping a friend. I did miss the sales business, and I've grown continuously agitated with the poker thing. I found it ironic how poker players, loaded with money, could find far more to complain about than homeless people at the soup kitchen.

What have I learned? The road to my vocation has many paths, and while there may be no right and wrong, some roads are easier and more exciting than others.

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