Fun With Flash

I see those generated video projects on YouTube and it seems so simple to make. I get a great idea, think of some images, songs, even a few key quotes...

Then I load it all into Macromedia Flash and I scream at my computer when the test video looks nothing like the graphic I just made. I'm not the computer tech I once was, but I have the knowledge and the basic understanding of using tools such as Flash and Dreamweaver. I know enough to get myself frustrated.

That "little idea" I had has grown into something mind-consuming, and I've been scrounging the Internets looking for images, information, statistics, and ideas for this little project of mine. And when I finally put in images and symbols and motion tweens, it all gets jumbled together by the evil computer machine and doesn't match my perfect vision. That's when I start screaming and throwing temper trantrums.

I know part of it is due to my lack of true schooling with Macromedia products. I'd love to take the time to actually learn how each of the buttons and tools work. But I also tend towards a perfectionist-which is rather interesting since I never claim to be perfect. I've suffered through several of these video projects before, and what happens is my focus on detail, my desire to get everything perfect, and my complete dissatisfaction with anything that does not fit into my mental picture. If I actually worked and lived like this, I'd be a pretty annoying guy to be around.

This trait only manifests itself when I sit down to play my guitar, draw, or create in any other form of media. As I get deeper and deeper into this project, I'm going to try and not let frustration get the best of me. I think the idea is great, and the premise is a noble one. Hopefully when I finish it, I will have created something nice and taught myself a little about patience.

Don't ask how long it took just to finish this part:
Edit: The image is too big for the regular area, so I added the code permanently to the bottom of the page.

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2 Response to Fun With Flash

January 28, 2008 at 9:37 AM
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January 28, 2008 at 9:44 AM

Trying to not get overly frustrated with this, but I started at 3AM. It's now 10AM, and I've just finished it so everything is perfect.

I have a problem. =/