New Young Capuchin Bloggers

Seems like a few more guys are interested in telling their journey of discernment and life with the Capuchin friars. I think it's important, especially in a digital world, for discerning people to share their story. I remember when i had a lot of questions, concerns, and even fears about leaving my old life and doing something so different. Hopefully you'll find their stories as enlightening as you've found mine.
Andrew Ouellette is a recent high-school graduate living in community with me and the other post-novices at St. Clare Friary in Chicago. He attends St. Xavier University along with a few of us, and is probably studiously doing his homework as we speak!

Andrew's has decided to live for a year with us as he discerns the path he feels he's being called towards. It's a big step for someone just out of high school, and will make for a great story to read about.

You can see his blog at The Franciscan Journey.

Jason Salisbury is one of the new Postulants that was recently received into the Order. He's currently living at St. Conrad's Friary in Milwaukee (my old stomping grounds)! His blog: The Summons: A Capuchin Postulant's Journey just started.

Keep Jason and Andrew in your prayers as they learn to live Capuchin life.

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1 Response to New Young Capuchin Bloggers

April 26, 2011 at 8:07 AM

Hello there!

It's such a relief to find others who are going (or who have gone) through the same thing!

I am hoping to enter posulancy with the Friars Minor in September pending approval from the Minister Provincial, and wanted to drop a line and say hi, along with my blog URL:

It's informal; it often has content not directly related to the Franciscans and Catholicism, but instead has its spirit and life flowing through it all.

Take care!
Michael King