Empty Headed

No no, I haven't been lazy and forgotten about updating. I actually took an in-state vacation this weekend, hanging out with a friend in Kalamazoo. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my notebook and update the weblog in several days. I apologize for the abandonment.

One of the other unfortunate things now that I sit again in front of my laptop, I can think of nothing truly inspiring or even interesting. I wish I had something exciting to pass on, like a movie review or a deep philisophical discussion, most of the time was spent playing cribbage, watching TV, and eating food that probably shaved 10 years off my life. (I think Al Queda is using Outback's cheesy fries to lull us into a pleasant and lethargic state of mind!)

I figured I'd at least do the courtesy of letting everyone know I was still alive and kicking. Hope everyone has a good start in the new year.


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1 Response to Empty Headed

January 8, 2008 at 4:59 PM

It's alright. It happens to writers, you know ;) It's probably the lull before the storm