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I'm taking a Graphic Design course this semester to fulfill an Art credit for school. I chose graphic design because I wanted to be able to compliment the web design and development work that I already do. After two classes, I already see how this class is going to be a great experience and an opportunity for me to pretend to be an artist!

Rather than using paint, clay, or wood for my art medium, this art class has us working exclusively on the computer. Using Adobe Illustrator along with a graphic tablet, my art project involve drawing things onto the computer. For only the first week of this class, I have to say that it is a blast! I've never considered myself much of an artist (I still spend hours trying to decide if I like my web templates!) but this medium is a lot of fun to work with.

Rather than turning in homework on paper, all work is published to a blog. The blog, for those interested, is listed here:

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