"Can You See Through Me?" A Discussion of Transparency

In this life as a religious friar, I strive for a lot of things. I try to be humble instead of prideful, I try to be a servant instead of being needy, and I try to give of what excesses I have to those who have less. However there's one trait that I've had to learn since joining the Capuchins:


For others in my community, for those I minister to, and for those who just look at my life, being transparent is an important part of living the Gospel. We are not monks who remain cloistered in an abbey; we spend most of our time out in the world. In an environment where "everybody has an angle," sometimes people question our intentions as to why we work with the poor and marginalized.

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1 Response to "Can You See Through Me?" A Discussion of Transparency

Qualis Rex
July 20, 2009 at 5:47 PM

Very good and deep post, Br Vito. There's an old saying, "El que escnde lo que hace, muestra lo mal que hace." Or, he who hides what he does shows the evil he does. Transparency is a very good thing.