Road Trip

This weekend we have about 12 candidates, guys who are looking at joining the order, over at our house this weekend. Along with the extra cleaning, organizing, food, and a little craziness, we hosted the new crop of future Capuchins as the took a tour of the many ministries we have here in Milwaukee.

I had the chance to talk to a lot of the guys. Unfortunately, I suck at being a photographer. There were others that took good pictures, so I hope to have some photos up soon!

Saturday afternoon, to join the other candidates, we took a trip to our high school seminary in Mount Calvary, WI. It was quite the spiritual and/or enjoyable experience, with the climax being when we rolled down the window of the car and started admonishing a herd of reindeer in Yugoslavian accents.

...I guess you really had to be there to understand the significance of that.~

Either way, things are going good. I'm still sick, but it's not as bad as in the past. Perhaps I'm learning to handle illness better!

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