Capuchin Vocation Update for February

Once again, I was a part of the Capuchin Vocations Update distributed by our province. The other guys tease me because my story and my ministry are so frequently written about, both by the order and by others. Realistically, I'm the "writer" of the group, so quite often my stories, which contain many aspects of this life here, are used by the Vocations Office to help show possible candidates what it is like to live in religious life.

This particular picture was taken inside of St. Ben's church. Both Br. Dave and I gave them a history of the church, the mission and outreach, and the continued ministries that exist at St. Ben's, including the community meal six days a week.

The other guys in the photo include candidates who plan on being postulants next year, Parker (directly behind me) who is a postulant in my class, and Fr. John Holly and Br. Jerry Johnson, the Vocation Directors for the Capuchin province.

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