Home Again, Home Again

After trying to catch up on some of the blogs, and starting 3 posts that I have yet to finish, I will leave again tomorrow evening. After a long 3 weeks of not being home, we leave tomorrow for Milwaukee, with a brief stop in at our Provincialate in Detroit.

While I am glad to finally be getting back to a normal bed and not living out of my suitcase, it most likely means that I won't be blogging anytime soon...at least not until Sunday. My return home will mean a continued stream of blog posts once again, however there is one more weekend where I will have to let things build up, only to try and catch up later.

I mentioned before that I am not a good blogger, and instances like these prove that fact. My hope is to get you something juicy and thought-provoking by Sunday morning. Until then, enjoy the weekend and God Bless.

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