Movin' On Up!

Well really I'm moving downstairs, however I did check my compass, and indeed I am moving to the east side of the friary. Rather dorky, I know, however I'm excited about the fact that I've moved out of my old room and into this new room where everyone else is!

Originally I lived on the 3rd floor of the friary. Our rooms were randomly picked out, since they differ in size, layout, and in some instances, amenities. I was lucky enough to get the nicest and largest room in the friary on the 3rd floor. Walk in closet, full size bed (instead of the singles), room for about everything, close to the bathroom and showers...this room was definitely a good place.

As the year progressed and postulants began to leave the 3rd floor (and the Order entirely) I was left by myself in my corner of the friary. It was rare that anyone ever knocked on my door. I knew I could go and hide in my room if I wasn't feeling good or in a mood, because no one would come up to see me. It became me refuge from community life, and eventually I felt it became a hindrance to my participation here in the friary.

After the most recent postulant left, I made a decision to move closer to where the other guys' rooms in the house. I felt that if I were closer, I wouldn't feel as removed from the happenings of the house as I do now. While I still have the door shut at times, I feel I am right in the middle of everything, and I won't be left out just because I'm so far away.

I find that little things like this make a difference when living in community. Some of the people who are friends now are friends simply because their rooms were closer, and they were the ones who talked to each other the most. In many ways, it is a reflection of our own lives. For those we choose to interact with more, talk to, and even include in our daily routine, those are the people we will learn to understand even better.

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