The Subversive Mysteries of the Rosary

Last week, I submitted an article to, a favorite site of mine as someone who's interests lie with the social teachings of the Catholic Church. While I thought the article was simply a personal reflection on my own prayer life and it's growth as a Capuchin friar, it's starting to turn into more.

Through discussion, insight (from prayer, formators, and fellow friars with plenty of knowledge and wisdom), and after spending 4 hours a day in prayer here at the friary, I found a way to meditate on aspects of Jesus' life as the Poor and Humble Christ that Francis speaks of. While Francis would consider Jesus' entire life, from the birth in a barn to death on a cross, to be an example of His humility, I wanted to focus on aspects of his life that exemplified this subversive lifestyle He lived. (subversive meaning: one who changes from below)

That specific article can be found here.

Later I chose to share more about my personal reflections and how I'd come to these specific events...even how they affected me in prayer.

That follow-up article can be found here.

While this, again, has all been out of a personal devotion and means to feed my spirituality, some have taken offense to my use of this traditional prayer form and the introduction of additional mysteries. I choose not to engage in theological debates via the internet, but I just wish people would stop referring to me as a monk. (I belong to the Order of Friars Minor!)

Enjoy them or denounce them. As always I encourage people do whatever leads them closer to God.

Peace and all good,
Br. Vito Martinez, OFM Cap.

(Please forgive my passive-aggressive outburst. -V)

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