Drugs and Ideas

I'm still recovering from having my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm a little woozy and kinda cloudy at the moment, in all honesty! While the Vicodin manages the pain, it puts me in a weird place that I don't like to be - one reminiscent of the days when I did drugs.

But rather than dwell on the effects of the pain killers, I wanted to let people know that my operation went off without a hitch, and that I'm only able to eat Jell-O, pudding, apple sauce, and similar substances for the next few days. Thanks for the many prayers and words of support before the operation.

On an unrelated note, I have a conference call scheduled on Monday with the PR director of our province as well as the the person who does the PR's web work. The goal is to look at what can be done to improve the functionality, aesthetics, publicity, and other components to my blog. I recognize that not every blogger is lucky to have a person on-hand to help with technical issues, but as my faith journey continue to moves from a vocation of "just the priesthood" and more into the realm of Franciscan spirituality, I recognize the need to change the face and make everything look just a bit more "professional."

One possible inclusion is a link to Fr. Marty Pable, OFM Cap. Fr. Marty is a priest-psychologist who's been a parish priest, a professor at St. Francis University in Milwaukee, a preacher for retreats and workshops, a spiritual director, and a published author. He is still active and lived at the Postulancy house with me last year.

Along with these ministries he's had a lesser-known internet ministry for several years. By making himself available to questions regarding faith, Church teaching, Biblical teaching, and all things concerning faith (regardless of someone's faith), he's been instrumental in helping people on their own spiritual journey while being respectful of the person as an individual. This specific ministry he does just by email. See Fr. Marty's old page here...his email still works.

I don't know if it's just the Vicodin, but I'm excited to see what the next few weeks brings in changes to the blog.

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