My Life, The TV Sitcom

I've felt like Jack Tripper for the past week and a half. While working at my current job, my future boss has me running across the street for credit applications and to help with customers. I'm eager to get things going at the new place, but I have to work at this job until the 17th. I'm still working at the poker room on the weekends which takes up a lot of my time. They're finally installing the carpeting in the apartment, so when i DO get home, I am packing and moving things.

If I trip over a couch or get hit in the head by a door, I'll give up everything to start working on The New Three's Company.

Mr. Roper isn't around, but instead of pretending to be gay, I pretend to be a seasoned sales manager as I introduce myself to new banks and credit unions. I spoke with Credit Acceptance the other day, and I spent 10 minutes making chit-chat with a guy that was as much a salesman as he was a banker.

I need the 17th to get here before the whole thing comes apart. I spend my lunch at the new dealership. I want the place to be ready when I start next week, but that involves my time to set things up. I'd love to start and just leave this job, but I need a truck to move, and I need steady income for 2 more weeks to handle expenses. (When I move, I will only get paid when I sell a car...something common in my industry.)

One thing I've started, something recommended to me by my Spiritual Director, is that change is a great time to start or reaffirm a new schedule. I've slacked on praying everyday; sometimes I'm just too tired or I get in at three o'clock in the morning. It's an excuse, but a lovely excuse that I can use.

I want to start up my prayer life again, whether I just kneel and speak to God, or I get a daily prayer book. I'm open to any ideas.

Until the 17th, I'll continue to juggle mi vida loca, in hopes that I can have some sense of normalcy. Perhaps this experience is a way for me to really search for God when I most need him.
Perhaps this weekend's Discernment and Music song will be "Come and Knock On Our Door."

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2 Response to My Life, The TV Sitcom

August 7, 2007 at 5:05 PM

A couple of months into "it all" (as I refer to it sorta' lovingly these days) I began to pray the Divine Office using the 1 Volume "Christian Prayer". I started 'easy' - making a commitment to work morning prayer into my routine. It only takes about 15-20 minutes...and I was reminded that I would be "uniting" with the larger church, seminarians & priests everywhere in this practice.

I wish I could tell you specifically HOW it helped along the way...but I don't know that I can. There WAS something about the 'uniting' thing at play. Something about the discipline of it. Something about getting in closer touch with the liturgical calendar. But... there's another "something" there, too. Maybe grace.

Anyway - for what its worth, I am glad to have added that to my routine coupla' years ago. It helped.

Hang in there, my friend. You'll make it to the 17th.

August 7, 2007 at 7:19 PM

I try to pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and the Jesus prayer three times each day. Each night I pray my gratitudes and intentions before I fall asleep; even if I am super sleepy and I only manage the beginning of each that is better than nothing. It is not much, certainly not by the standards of the Divine Office but it is doable on a daily basis. If you are interested in the divine office see if you can scrounge up "The Divine Office for Dodo's" it is a reverent and eminently clear approach to praying the liturgy. It is supposed to be coming back into print this August I believe but used is a better buy. God Bless and Good luck. I will be praying for your discernment and continuing well being.