Music and Spirituality: Keep On Hoping

Sometimes we read a book or hear a song and gain some understanding, but it takes a few decades before it's true meaning reveals itself. In some cases, we may pen the words ourselves, not fully aware of how we will see our work years from now.

During high school, my friends and I had a band; we called ourselves Mirror Image. I don't know that we really belonged to any genre; we were just a few guys who got together with a few ideas for music. Perhaps we might have been called emo, however none of us wore tight jeans, beat-up tennis shoes, or had really long bangs. (source)

During a "jam session" in 1991, our greatest song was written: Keep On Hoping. It started as two simple chords, but transformed into a song as my friend began to sing words as the popped into his head. What started as an improvisational experiment became our most successful project.

A year later, we entered a recording studio and recorded the song. That spring, we performed it at our High School Homecoming, earning us a standing ovation from the entire student body. Because of one song, I'd become a studio musician and stage performer at the age of 18; and I didn't even have to buy a video game.

As I grew older I realized the words my friend extemporaneously wrote years ago have told the story of my life. I remembered this song every time I dealt with heartache, I remembered the song when I felt lost or alone, I remembered the song in times of personal struggle. Even my reminiscing this event for you the reader is a fulfilled prophesy written by angsty teenagers years ago.

I still have the studio tracks that we recorded 15 years ago, and for many years I've dreamt of re-recording the song, although I'd seriously consider updating the music (I unconsciously "borrowed" the guitar rhythm from a song entitled Jane Says by Jane's Addiction).

I had the lyrics framed and hung them up on my wall. It reminds me that I've made one of my dreams come true. It also reminds me that no matter how bad things get, there's always a reason to look back and smile at life.

Walking through the empty alley
You say it's a quicker way through
And then you get the feeling that someone's watching you
You look to your right, look to your left
You see that no one's there
And then you realize even if you screamed no one would care.

And you keep on hoping
That the feelings you have
Will go away

Sitting alone in the dark
Thinking 'bout the time when you had a friend
Reminiscing the memories
You say that life was better then
Look to the present, look to the past
You wonder why things happen so fast
Try to excuse the things that you did
Listening to the wrong people again

And you keep on hoping
That the feelings you have
Will go away

Watching her turn and walk away
Leaving me all in tears
I sit and cry and call her name
Remembering the years
Look at her picture, look at her face
Can't get her out of my mind
Then I realize she'll look back one day and see me shine

And you keep on hoping
The feelings you have
Will go away

-Mirror Image

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