God Holding Me to My Word

Apologies for my lack of update. This week has been highly chaotic.

Yesterday was the monthly meeting with my spiritual director. Despite my initial worries of enlisting the help of a trained spiritual director, I find that she (yes, she is a woman) has a great perspective on things, and often makes me think twice about lingering ideas in my head.

Today I mentioned my standing invitation to stay at St. John's Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery in Collegeville, Minnesota. I had the privilege of visiting the abbey when I was very young, but I remember its beauty makes it an ideal vacation spot for those who really need to take a vacation.

During our session (I use the term loosely, as our discussions are very informal), she asked me why I hadn't taken advantage of the invite. She knew about my compiling issues, and she felt I was using money solely as an excuse to postpone a trip to Minnesota.

"Work's been crazy," I told her. "Sales are down. I feel like I'd be jeopardizing my job if I decided to take a vacation right now."

"What you should do," she responded, "is set a date a few months from now, when things are less hectic, and make a conscious effort to take that trip. It will do wonders for you...trust me."

Before devoting her time to Spiritual Direction and helping the church, she was a workaholic just as I am now. She knows what it's like to burn the candle at both ends, to put work before everything, and she knows what it feels like to burn out.

I told her that if things got better at the dealership, I would schedule the date and make plans for a week. My sales manager's been working us pretty hard, so I didn't expect to plan anything.

As I entered work today, a customer was already waiting for me. She found a car she liked, said she would return tomorrow. Immediately after, a couple came in, found a car they liked, and put down a deposit. No sooner had I said farewell than 2 more customers came in....both also finding vehicles.

By the end of the day, I tallied 8 customers with 7 of them committed to buying a vehicle this weekend. For a small dealership, seven cars for one salesman in a weekend is a feat. If all goes as plan, I will have sold enough cars to cover my draw and feel comfortable about my job again. It's entirely unexpected, as I had no working prospects before Wednesday.

I guess Someone decided to intervene on my behalf...

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