My First Tweet

After spending months and months telling people: "I will never tweet!" I have finally become part of the machine by opening a Twitter account.

With the integration of the new blog template and the desire to try some new things with my blog, I swallowed my pride, made sure no one else was in the computer room, signed up and made my first "tweet."

The rationale to finally sign up came from the joomba blog at They shared a draft pic that perfectly articulated my desire to live my life without tweeting...and the reality that I will eventually succumb to the madness as well.

Hopefully I will find some way to use this in my ministry or in my life, other than just to tell people that I'm sitting in the TV room watching my football team lose. Yet I feel an underlying desire that wherever the people are (in body or via the internet), we as Capuchins should be there too.

I still don't know how this utility is useful. Perhaps I should tweet that thought.

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