Happy Halloween: Pictures from Novitiate

While there's not much a bunch of guys secluded from the rest of the world can do to celebrate Halloween, we're still having a good time here in Novitiate. (I jokingly asked the novice master about attending "The hugest Halloween party in Pittsburgh" tonight. I was told: "You can do whatever you want...just realize that every decision has consequences." After a little discernment, I decided I would not go out to the club.)

Mom made a card out of an old picture she found of me. I put it up for a bit of humility. I remember one of the guys asking: "Who's the littler girl in the picture?"

Halloween was a new experience for the Aussies as well. I try  not to treat them as tourists, however the experience of this holiday has too much to miss out on. Pictured above were Kieran, John, and Jude carving pumpkins. Not knowing what to do with the "pumpkin guts" and seeing me with a camera, this pic is of me ducking while they threw pumpkin innards at me.


Last but not least, two of the guys made a special Halloween cake - meticulously crafted and swiftly consumed by the community!

Probably more important than than the actual holiday is that we have 3 months completed of the Novitiate year (366 days). There is always the fear that days will become mundane, routine, and that we will lose that fire that got us here in the first place. For the many blessings that are fruits of this year of prayer and contemplation, the removal from the world is its own unique experience...a "dying to our old lives" for lack of a better metaphor.

Have a safe holiday, and remember to pray for vocations tomorrow for All Saint's Day!

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4 Response to Happy Halloween: Pictures from Novitiate

October 31, 2009 at 11:45 PM

So glad to have stumble into your blog lol!
My son is called to a Religious Vocation he is in the 11th grade and has felt like this for a few years now so I believe it was God that brought me to your blog, by accident I clicked on something that brought up other PA blogs and there you were!
Isn't that something, I may be the mom of a priest or brother someday :)
Isn't that something!!!
I will share your blog with my son Alex and please keep him in your prayers!
Thanks so much, looks like you are having fun this Holloween.
God bless!

November 1, 2009 at 8:26 AM

Thanks for the comment and I'm excited for you as your son feels called to a religious vocation.

As for stumbling onto websites, part of how I ended up in religious life is by stumbling onto a vocation website.

I'll keep you in our prayers here at Novitiate.


November 1, 2009 at 3:02 PM

Br. Vito,
I love your new site! And I am so glad other moms of discerning sons (Amy) are finding your site and sharing it. To Amy: my son is 19 and in the Cap College formation program. A great place to learn about your vocation! I will pray with your son...

November 5, 2009 at 10:53 PM

Thanks so much for the prayers for my son!
IBrother Vito, that is so awesome that stubling onto a vocation website helped you in your calling!
That is so cool!
I pray for your vocation as well!
God bless!