Retreating After the Retreat

After a week-long discernment retreat, I decided to take a trip up to our boarding school St. Lawrence Seminary in Mt. Calvary, WI. I know I intended on writing more about my week of discernment, however a lot of it became extremely personal and introspective. I share a lot about my life here, however there are some things I choose to keep to myself.

I can tell you that the experience was beneficial, and it affirmed a lot of my feelings about where my life is headed. I can also tell you that I would have had a better experience had I gotten away and had time to reflect longer on the process.

As a way to reconnect with that sense of silence and retreat, I decided to spend the weekend at St. Lawrence. While it is a high school, I'll have access to a guest room where I'll be able to have a sense of quiet and relaxation from the "noises" here in Milwaukee. It will give me a chance to think, relax, and perhaps catch up on my blog posts.

It's also a chance for me to play some soccer with the students. I got to know most of the seniors as they came to St. Ben's for the Urban Plunge Event. Many of them are soccer players, and are nice enough to not make fun of me when I try to play with them. It's an opportunity to be a little bit competitive, and pretend I can still hang with the boys.

After this weekend, we'll start a week of Masculine Spirituality. We will be in Springfield, IL for the week. I can see sharing more about that retreat week than about my discernment week. Masculine Spirituality is an interesting subject, and I think it's something all guys need to take a look at.

So I wish everyone a good weekend. I can't guarantee the scheduling of my posts for the weekend, however I will try to keep everyone in the loop.

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