Late Night Apology from The Big Apple

Over the past two weeks, there have been so much things gone on since my time in Springfield. We lost one of the Postulants in our class, we stopped by the Novice House for a visit in Pennsylvania, right when the ice storm came through. I've gotten sick again, I found a new "addiction," and I feel off-balance because I haven't had a set schedule for weeks.

Perhaps this has been the reason why I've been remiss in my blog updates. There are times when this Postulancy starts to fire so many things at one time, each day is just a way of handling the next new thing that's been put on my plate.

While I can't say that I'll be posting anything soon, I haven't completely forgotten about the blog, and when my body and my mind are in a better place to write some things about these past two weeks, I'm sure I'll fill everyone's need to read completely.

Till then, I say Hi from Brooklyn and hope you enjoy the Super Bowl!

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