Day 103: The Final Chapter

I've considered ending this blog after being accepted. By no means is my journey over; there's another 6 or 7 years before taking any permanent vows. In life, our times are divided into different chapters. These chapters are the building blocks of our lives as we travel from one life-changing event to the next. When we turn the last page on one part of our lives, we begin a new story.

By receiving the call last Friday and being accepted as a Postulant, a significant part of my mind has been put at ease: the part that quietly told me how I wasn't good enough. This vocation, this journey, is no longer a dream; it has become real. Because of this I see myself changing, I can even feel it, in everything I say or do. I think the days of "Vito the salesman" are coming to a close, and with it I will end this tale.

But before this story is over, there's 103 days left. And I promise, there's plenty of interesting things left to come. I spoke several weeks back of some big news (other than the obvious decision from the Admissions Board of the Capuchins), and I am still debating if I am going through with this "extra" plan. Part of me feels it would merely be an overt display of my faith and serves no real cause. The other part of me feels that I have the opportunity to do something amazing that I will remember for the rest of my life; something that will exemplify this long road.

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