Day 118: Awaiting the Final Answer

On May 1, the Admissions Board for the Capuchin Franciscans will convene to review the applications of me and 8 other applicants to this fall's Postulancy class. For everything I've done to get this far in life, I still await the final letter of acceptance. I've known the Capuchins for over a year now, and after all the papers I retrieved and all the forms I've filled out, I have another 10 days to wait and hear the decision of the board.

There's little more I can say about this, other than I am still worried. I know I'm a "shoe in" yet perhaps out of past experience or a need to worry, I'm preparing myself for the good as well as the bad.

10 days until I know about the rest of my life. Honestly I try not to think about it during the day.

God, grant me the strength to accept whatever this life gives me.

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