Steve Jobs & His Gift to the Church

I saw this article posted by Faith, a fellow Catholic blogger. It's an intriguing article by Jesuit Michael Kelly on the resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple, the impact of Jobs' innovation on global communication, and how that technology has been embraced by the Church. I found the article to be a good read and an opportunity to think about the role of social media in the Church.

Fr. Michael Kelly SJ, writing at, discusses the influences that Steve Jobs has had on the world and how the even the Church has embraced his technological revolutions. Fr. Michael credits Jobs and Apple for:

  • The transformation of publishing with the Apple IIe personal computer.
  • The transformation of photo and video editing with affordable software.
  • The transformation of the music industry with the iPod.
  • The transformation of telephony with the iPhone.
  • The transformation of computing with the iPad.
Perhaps the most important part of Fr. Michael's article focuses on the Church's response to these transformations. Fr. Michael says:
...the creation of a vibrant, participative and interactive community — something in which Steve Jobs and Apple played a key role — is just what Vatican II envisaged for the Church.

Was Jobs and Apple a blessing or a curse for the Church? I'll let you decide.

Read the article here.

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1 Response to Steve Jobs & His Gift to the Church

September 12, 2011 at 6:59 AM

Social Media is a mixed blessing. Learning how to communicate, what is appropriate and what rules should we follow, or make, are just some of the issues those interested in social media are coping with. Meanwhile, it's fun learning, is it not?
BTW, the links to "Faith" and "blogger" are broken. :-(