Messages on the Digital Ocean

Managing the insights and posts of the friars at the Midwest Capuchins blog gives me the opportunity to reflect on our effect to others through such an immense medium. The Web is a virtual sea (double-meaning intended) of information. It can sustain us, it can be a place of enjoyment and leisure, and it can be trechorous and harmful if someone is not careful. Yet for all of that, we are given the task of crafting our own vessels of insight and reflection to be cast among the vastness of the digital ocean. Like the proverbial message in a bottle, we offer a piece of who we are and hit the "Publish" button, never really knowing who will find our words.

Perhaps this is why I was struck by this story on about a man who's been sending messages in bottles for the past 15 years. He says that he's heard back from many of the bottles he's sent people have responded with personal stories, DVD's, and other aspects of their life.

 I was struck by the desire for people to connect with Harold, the sender of the bottles, and the friendships that he builds with them. Perhaps through serendipity or the Spirit at work, the people who've found these bottles have responded to Harold and created lasting relationships. His simple hobby has allowed him to hear the stories and interact with people from all over the globe.

So my heart is with all of those who are reaching out through this digital medium. When others are looking at Search Engine Optimization and Return on eInvestment, there's a part of me that likes the romantic idea of blogs as messages...drifting along the digital ocean.

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