Update from School

The first few weeks of the spring semester are under way, and I'm already realizing that my courses aren't as intense as the previous semester. I don't know if I've just gotten accustomed to the whole "college life" again or if the content of my classes is different, but I do notice a difference in the semesters. Only a few weeks in I'm confident I'll be able to do well this semester as well.

Here's a quick breakdown of my classes:

Logic and Argument: This is a common class for most people who are working on their Philosophy. I should mention that while I am still pursuing a Computer Science Major, my adult status allows me to forego some of the usual class requirements. Since I am also working on taking Theology at the Catholic Theological Union here in Chicago, I've been approved for a Philosophy major as well.

Philosophy of Economics: This is a special topics class that fulfills one of the Electives that I need to take in the Philosophy major. The class is very interesting in that it looks at property, money, value, and labor from philosophical perspectives. For a Capuchin Franciscan who's founder was keen on the economic stratification of his time, the class is very appropriate for my life.

Perspectives on Human Communication: Along with my Computer Science I'm taking several communication classes as well. Whether it's to help my preaching skills or to aid me in working with others in the IT/IS field, there's a lot in the area of communications that will be helpful as I continue my formation as a friar.

Mass Communication This is a foundational seminar that's offered to adult students. It's only half a semester long, and it's entirely online. That makes the focus of the class evident, as the purpose is to look at the current media market and be able to view critically the messages, technology, and even the institutions that control mass media in our world today.

System Analysis and Design: This is a computer course, however systems analysts can be found in all areas of project management. The course has less to do with computers and more to do with strategic planning, cost anaylsis and feasibility, and project management. The ability to thoughtfully plan a project is almost as important as being able to code it, so this class has really been insightful to me. I find I'm already using it in my dealings with others already!

Those are my current courses. They seem easy now, but my hope is that they stay manageable as the semester progresses.

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