Today's Gift From God

Sometimes it's the small things that bring us pleasure. As a discerning friar, I can be so focused on the big things, that I'm surprised when something little is recognized as a gift from God.

Today at class, I was talking with a few of my classmates. When I told them I was 35, one of them remarked: "I thought you were only 25!"

While some might consider my happiness an appeal to my pride, there is something to say about being accepted and perhaps integrated with the younger culture of college life. As someone trying to identify myself as a strong student, a discerning friar, a Mexican American, a functional person with Epilepsy, and the many more pieces that make me who I am, it's good to have those moments when you no longer feel on the margins.

So while his statement may have been non-chalant, small things like that make this process of school and integration a little bit easier.

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