Since Taking the Vows...

I know it's bad form for a blogger to take a month-long hiatus from his/her craft, but taking vows to the Order of Capuchin Franciscans has been a pretty big deal.

Numerous guests came to visit, I was able to attend several different functions for the province, I was struck with tonsilitis and a middle-ear infection, I've started my preparation for school at Saint Xavier University, and this week starts different orientations regarding life as a post-novice as well as being orientated to this year's ministry at Saint Lawrence High School in Mt. Calvary, WI.

In spite of being so busy (and a little deaf), it's been a great month here in Chicago. Even in this short span of time, so many things have happened, I'll need several blog posts to catch up on all the events.

But before getting into other business, there remains the biggest and cause for the most reflection: the taking of temporary vows.

It's currentlyy 4AM and I'm waiting for my ears to pop, so I'll keep this blog short. Tomorrow I hope to have up pictures of the First Vows ceremony.

Peace and thanks for all your prayers. I hope to be a presence on the Web as I used to be!

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1 Response to Since Taking the Vows...

August 15, 2010 at 3:29 PM

I hope your hearing recovers soon. Congrats on your vows!