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Luckily I remembered to get my mom a Mother's Day card this year. But for those of you who forgot or just realized this Sunday is Mother's Day, the guys at Regis College have created something great for this season:

Joseph Schuner, SJ, president of Regis College and the genius behind the prayer site have Mother's Day eCards available.

4 different styles of cards are available for use, all of which have scripture quotes and are ready to send out. And when you're there, why not add a prayer for your Mom to their list of intentions. The community at takes the prayers of visitors and adds them to their own prayer intentions at the community. It's an innovative way of taking the power of prayer and moving it onto the Web.

Thanks to Joseph and his community at Regis College for making these gifts available.

And Mom, if you're reading this, your card is in the mail...I promise. =)

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