Learning the "Sacred No"

I did something today that really made me proud of my growth: I said no.

I got an email about 3 this afternoon. It was a request to go to a speaking engagement at one of the local shelters and give a brief presentation about poverty in Milwaukee. It was a very very late notice for a speaking event, and he said I would be doing him a huge favor if it were possible.

Now I have a bad habit with my ministry: I like to say yes a lot. I figure I'm here to do the Lord's work, I might as do as much of it as I can. I used to live the life of a crazy, workaholic car salesman. What I'm doing now is just the same stress level. So why not keep accepting task after task?

What happens to me now, just like before, is that I can burn out. And when I burn out, I am done for about two weeks. Without rest, I become listless, bored, and resentful of my job. The last thing in the world I want is to become annoyed with my ministry here in Milwaukee. I gain too much from what I do, I don't want it to be a drain in my life.

So today I used the "Sacred No" as was told to my by my spiritual director. Sometimes you have to say no, just because it's what's best for you spiritually, mentally, and physically. I still feel guilty when I do it, but I'm still happy as well.

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