My Patron: St. Felicia of Myspace

Long before I started this blog, I networked the way most people in the world do: via I knew I had a story to tell. I knew there were others who could relate to what I was feeling. But in a arena where people post quizzes like "What Flavor Lip Gloss Are You?" how does one find support for such an important journey?

Near the end of June, I received a message from someone named Felicia. Ordinarily, such random messages come from young ladies eagerly inviting me to "visit their 'other' site.'" I was tempted to just delete the message without even reading it, yet something told me something might be different.

From this woman of God came perfect words to a troubled man trying to find his calling:

Continue calmly and rest upon the divine Heart without the slightest fear, because there you are well sheltered from the storms and not even God’s justice can reach you.

No travelling soul can worthily love its God, but when this soul does everything it possibly can, and trusts in divine mercy, why should Jesus reject it? Didn't he command us to love God in accordance with our strength? When you have given and consecrated everything to God, why do you fear?
-St. Pio 1916

Since that message, Felicia continues to send prayers of support and guidance. Her faith and adoration is that of a child who puts all trust in God. Her support is a charitable act beyond measure; there are times I want to tell her to pray for someone more deserving than me. I'm just some guy living my life, but she has faith that God is leading me in the right direction.

When I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing, or I start to doubt everything about my life, I remember that someone out there is praying for me, and that even in the anonymous world of the Internet, one soul can actually touch another.

For praying and believing in me, even when I don't believe in myself....

Thank you for your prayers, Felicia. You truly are a saint.

Felicia's Myspace Site

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