What's Up for 2012

So the champagne's been drunk and the New Year is here. The other obvious question is:

What's your new year's resolution?

I usually never remember mine...it's hard enough to remember the goals I have to complete for the week! However a past Spiritual Director once told me that times of change and renewal are the best times to make new habits. "New wine belongs in new wineskins," was the underlying theme, and there's some truth to that for me. So, hoping to make "changes" rather than just "resolutions," here's a few goals I've set for the new year.

  1. Consistent Blogging - It's the bane of any blogger: over a period of time, it gets hard to write and maintain a blog. Blogging is a habit that is built and sustained...and is maintained when I'm away from the computer. Post-novitiate formation really conflicted with my blogging habit...so I'm hoping that, being settled into school here in Chicago, I can build that blogging skill again.

  2. Template Change - Whether it's the vocation blog for my province, my own personal website, or even stuff I've done in school, my blog has become outdated when compared to the other work I do. There is a huge need for web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters who are willing to work with religious or non-profit organizations...still building and maintaining websites with Front Page. Redoing my blog here will not only help me sharpen my skills, but it may encourage me to blog even more.

  3. Time Management - With school, ministry, house chores, homework, and everything else that's going on my life, there's a need to make sure I have time to be present to everything. Sometimes that means cutting out the things that waste time. But currently, I'm focused on using my time wiser. Working in front of a computer screen can get a lot of things done, unless I get distracted by cats climbing Christmas trees. Web development and independent learning require a huge amount of discipline and time management when in front of the computer, and it's easy to get distracted. I'm hoping to work on that this year.
Those are my goals for the year, and I'm hoping they will allow me to do more. If you're less disciplined then I am, here's your video of a cat knocking over a Christmas tree.

Happy New Year!!

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