Results of The Vatican Blogger Conference 2011

While not able to attend the meeting this year, I've still had the opportunity to look at a lot of the information and discussion that took place during the May 2nd meeting.

The Ironic Catholic Blog has a beautiful write-up about the events from Monday, and Rome Reports News Agency sent me the piece they put together for the event.

The Ironic Catholic goes over several important points that were discussed at the meeting. I will badly summerize them for you, so I highly recommend that you stop by her site to get the full picture:

  • While the conference sought to bring together people from different regions who blog on different parts of the Catholic faith, there are possible cultural differences in how people blog around the world. 
  • Is there a way for bloggers to help evangelize and spread the faith in parts of the world that are hostile to religious thought?
  • Blogging as a Catholic is not meant to serve ourselves or our own beliefs, but to be a way to reach out to others...even in times of confrontation.
  • A set of ethical standards or possibly "commandments" to guide bloggers in their communication with the world.
Again, to see a much more in-depth look at these questions, go here

Footage from Rome Reports: 

We're preparing for final evaluations this week, so I'll share my thoughts on the meeting and ideas for future exploration after talking with a few of my brothers and a nice Customer Appreciation Day sub at JimmyJohns.

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