Working for Equilibrium

I've been in chicago for a few months now, and a student at St. Xavier for over a month. I've cooked a few times already, lead prayer a few times, and had the chance to visit my ministry at St. Lawrence Seminary in Mt. Calvary, WI. Living with all these responsibilities has caused me to do a lot of juggling. As I continue to work towards a balance or equilibrium in my life, I recognize that sometimes when you learn to juggle, sometimes you drop the ball.

Today, for example, I didn't write my Christology paper for the readings. I read the 3 chapters that were assigned, but when comparing the writing aspect with the Discrete Math & Rhetoric homework and the Computer Science exam I'm preparing for, the Christology paper was the lowest priority. We're given 5 "freebie's" throughout the semester, so there was no penalty.

The paper is an example of the concessions I now make with my life, both in education as well as in my personal life. Usually Thursdays are reserved for watching "Battlestar Galactica" with a few of the guys. (I know it's an older show, we rarely have time to watch TV programming when it's aired) Yesterday I had to pass on BG so I could attend a study group for my CS exam. Last week I skipped my Math homework to study for a different exam. Last weekend I was only able to study for one class as I was in St. Lawrence working at my ministry.

The need to find a sense of balance is huge; juggling so many things requires a firm stability and an awareness of everything that's going on. I've already talked with my advisor, and have been faced with the reality that I won't be able to give 100% to everything I want to do. I have to make choices, sacrifices, and focus on what's important. (something I've already had to do.)

As the year continues, I hope to find a better grasp of this balance.

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