A Night of Music and Witnessing

It's becoming so hard to maintain a constant blog schedule. Between days of recollection, a visit from the General Minister, making rosaries, and other such projects, I can make plenty of excuses to not write. Hopefully I can get turned around again. Thanks to my readers for your patience! -V


After a week of picking songs, the stress of trying to make a band, a few small arguments, and a few outbursts by yours truly, we performed at the Catholic Underground event in Pittsburgh last Saturday. It was a blast!

The event was mostly college aged people with plenty of priests and religious also in attendence. I was downstairs setting up, but I could hear the wonderful music as the Eucharistic Adoration took place in the church above me. Afterwards everyone came downstairs for food, drinks, conversation, and a little friar music.

Most of the songs we ended up playing were Praise and Worship songs, however I don't think the song selection was the biggeset selling point for us. During each song, we each took some time to talk about our vocational journies and explain how God's worked differently in each of our lives. The opportunity to witness our experiences was wonderful, and we were thanked numerous times for our participation.

There were plenty of cheers and laughs, especially when we ended with The Climb by Miley Cyrus...an unusual selection with a rather positive message. Regardless, it was definitely a great experience.

If you've never attended a Catholic Underground event, check out their website to see when the next event takes place and check it out. We had a great time, and hopefully we'll be able to go back before Novitiate ends (87 days...not that I'm counting!)


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