My Testament of the Snowpocalypse

Friday afternoon was the preparing for the storm. People left work early. Notices on the television continued to run about future closings. Weather announcers exchanged predictions about exactly how much snow would fall.

While the exact amount is still being debated, one account says that Pittsburgh only got 5 inches of snow. But as you can see from the pictures, it was a lot more than that.

So rather than write a long, boring post about how much snow actually fell, I just took pictures as a way of getting out of shoveling snow. Enjoy.

Here, brothers Matthew Anselmi, Nathaniel Santos, Brian Stacy, and Ken Cole stop and pose for a group shot. I tried to get more of the novices in the picture, but they were inside being lazy fulfilling other roles this morning!

Anthony stops from his effort to get through the 12" of snow on the driveway to get to the road.

Matthew Janescko, author of the blog New Sandals, poses after losing a snow fight and ending up face first in a snow bank.

Not to be thought of as a "slouch," I got evidence of me actually working before going off and taking everyone's picture.

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