Rosaries as a Habit

So for the last few weeks, I've spent a lot of time making rosaries. It's no small task, and with so much time to spend on prayer and personal reflection, I've certainly had plenty of time to make a lot of them!

Taking the time to actually learn how to make rosaries can be time-consuming, but like I said: when you got plenty of time, you can learn just about anything! Since the beginning of the year I've spent a lot of my "free time" (that is, time that isn't scheduled for any specific task) learning and perfecting the skill of rosary making.
I first got inspired to return a favor.

When I joined, I asked a friar in Peru about a side rosary. I wanted something wooden and that looked "ethnic." Thankfully Br. Hugo Mejia asked a sister in South America to make me a corona. (Traditional 7-decade rosary) Inspired by that sister's gift, I decided that I wanted to learn that skill as a way to help out the novices coming next year.

The first real rosary I made wasn't actually a rosary. I've been working with the chotki as well as a devotion to the Divine Names of God. Using this traditional prayer method with a meditation on the Names of God, I decided to first make a side rosary to allow me to pray the names while walking. I am still writing down everything for this specific chaplet, since it's more complicated than most other chaplets. I should have that information posted soon.

Happy with my work, I decided to venture into making other rosaries. Above is a picture of a seraphic rosary or corona. The process required a lot of work, and there were times learning when I think I broke more wires and beads. But eventually I was creating rosaries! Since I started I've gotten some other novices started on making rosaries as well. Even as I write this blog, one of the other novices is looking for beads online.

Have I gotten too into this? Well, I did spent my last stipend entirely on rosary parts! However I feel good in entering a skill that allows me to reach a prayerful experience as I work, and I like being able to give away what I make to people who like it. I've even had a friar approach me about making 2 habit rosaries for him!

So if you don't see me online, you can probably find me in my room making more rosaries.


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