Christmas At Novitiate

My presence has been light on the internet these days as we prepare for Christmas this Advent. For all of us, spending time away from home can be a tough challenge, and so we've learned to adapt to this holiday this year.

The Australian novices have had a wonderful time here in the states with the recent snow here in Pittsburgh. The first big snow was a wonderful time - a change from someone like me who's so used to snow, that I only see it as a nuisance. Having the Australians here allows us to reconnect with our own sense of wonder, whether its the snow or a large display of The Chipmunks when we went to see Avatar.

(left to right) Nate, Quan, John, and myself

Christmas can be a tough time, especially for some of the guys here who've never spent the holidays away from family before. An ex-car salesman like me has spent plenty of holidays doing things instead of being with family. Some of the guys haven't been away from home for extended periods of time, and sometimes you can see it on their face. Please keep these guys in your prayers.

For the most part it has been a joyous Advent as we prepare for Christmas. While there were won't be a liturgy of Eucharist here, I am doing the music for Mass at the local retirement community I minister to on Fridays. I'm not the best singer, nor do I claim to be the best Music Director, but the Pastoral Director there is excited about having music for the Feast of the Nativity.

Christmas Day I will have the Homily from my provincial, John Celichowski, posted online.

From our Novitiate house to yours, may you all have a wonderful holiday season.


Novice Br. Rich Rienhardt viewing a light display in Hardwood Acres.

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